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What Your PORTALIS Opportunities Are

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Our current structure gives you the following three core options:

  • Single Episode EVENTS ($24/person) – These are one-time experiences, featuring pre-generated characters you can select from an inhabit for the duration of the EVENT.

  • Three-Episode MINI-SERIES ($22/person/session) – These are short-term “campaigns” (in the parlance of classic RPG players), essentially like a television mini-series or a feature-length movie in scope. You will be able to create a character for this, customized to your desires but fitting the setting and in collaboration with the Game Master.

  • Six-Episode SERIES ($20/person/session) – These are the full “campaign” experiences that simulate a series on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, or perhaps a movie trilogy. As with the MINI-SERIES, you’ll craft your own character in collaboration with the GM. SERIES usually have the option to extend into multiple SEASONS, creating a truly ongoing epic experience that may last as long as everyone wishes, or until the right moment happens for a truly monumental SERIES FINALE.

For the MINI-SERIES and SERIES, there is a free and required SESSION ZERO. This is a special “Meet-and-Greet” conducted over the Zoom platform, during which the Game Master establishes ground rules, explains expectations of behavior, goes over the basic of the rules (and any “house rules” that may apply), and encourages the players to discuss their ideas, concerns, and desires. During SESSION ZERO, the use of the “X-Card” concept is explained (whereby players are able to signal their discomfort with a topic or scene as it occurs in play), and patrons are also encouraged to express up front any topics they wish to avoid, any “must not do” kinds of scenes, and so forth.

The SESSION ZERO is also where the GM is able to describe the SERIES in greater detail, explain their particular style as a Game Master, and what they expect of players during and between sessions. At the same time, players are highly encouraged to also express their desires, expectations, and the style of play they prefer to experience. A back-and-forth exchange is absolutely necessary here so that everyone is able to approach the gaming experience with mutually understood expectations, negotiated in good faith. In fact, if a Patron determines from the SESSION ZERO that they will not receive the experience they want, they are welcome to elect not to go forward with the game (perhaps selecting a different GM and game instead).

Alternatively, the first few minutes of a paid-for EVENT may be dedicated to this effort, especially for games that might touch on potentially sensitive subjects.

Your PORTALIS experience may be enhanced with the following options (each selection will indicate which options are available):

  • Custom Character Profiles with Illustration ($40-60, depending on the artist) – This option will only be available for SERIES (and, in some rare instances, MINI-SERIES). Particularly detailed or elaborate illustrations may require a higher negotiated price.

  • Dedicated Discord Server for Between-Session Communication & Play (Variable, see below) – For each MINI-SERIES and SERIES, the Game Master may offer to set up a Discord server that allows for communication and even play-by-post style roleplay between the scheduled sessions. The structure is as follows, priced as add-ons to the SERIES session costs:

  • Out-of-Character (OOC) Communication Only (Free) – Used for rules questions, scheduling discussions, and general chat between the players for simply social reasons.

More options will become available as we develop PORTALIS over time, and your suggestions are more than welcome to help us make PORTALIS your ultimate destination for roleplaying and experiencing your stories, your way.


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