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PORTALIS is a web-delivered person-to-person service that offers unique roleplaying experiences with some of the best Game Masters in the RPG world. You can seek out adventures in fantasy, superhero, science-fiction, military-action, supernatural, and countless other genres in Single-Episode Events, Three-Episode Mini-Series, and Six-Episode Series formats, with multiple Season options, customized character sheets with personalized art, and much more.

While there are plenty of GMs (the short form for “Game Masters”) running games in various ways online, the means by which most folks find a game to play can be arcane, frustrating… even outright miserable, should the wrong folks be paired with the wrong facilitators or experiences. Lots of you may have tried to get your own game going, only to find the time it takes to set things up, get schedules situated, prepare your sessions, find the right online resources, learn how to use the available tools… well, kind of impossible, given most demands on daily life.

PORTALIS is the answer to all of that. We are a collective of trained and experienced Game Masters, committed to the craft of facilitating excellent and immersive roleplaying adventures, vetted by and operating under the management of Evil Beagle Games. EBG is a company run by a team with over a hundred years of collective experience in writing, designing, publishing, and running RPGs.

PORTALIS is also a gateway into the OMNIVERSE, a vast expanse of content created by the enormous talent pool at Evil Beagle Games. All of our settings are interconnected by a massive multi-genre narrative that allows us to share core mythologies and create interconnected storylines. There’s never been anything quite like it in gaming. The Game Masters of PORTALIS are your guides to these many places and experiences, and our focus will be on this content as we launch. To begin with, this includes:

  • Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, our own superheroic RPG system that also lends itself wonderfully to high-octane action cinema, two-fisted pulp, epic high fantasy, gonzo anime, and so much more. We already have a number of settings to play in – Pinnacle City, Blood & Justice, Modern Gods, Unending War, The Well of the Worlds, Kazei Five, Her Majesty’s Rakes & Scoundrels, AfterFall Legacies, Shard Warriors, and so much more. Keep exploring this site to learn more, and perhaps become a hero of one of those realms!
  • Freedom Squadron, our Savage Worlds setting featuring the world’s elite international force of soldiers, sailors, pilots, law officers, covert specialists, scientists, and more fighting against the powerful evil of VENOM. Updated to the latest edition of the rules set, look for a ton of new material for this setting, which is fully integrated into the Omniverse (and a P&P version is also in the works).

We want to focus on what we will run with the greatest passion and skill, giving you the highest level of fun and immersion. As PORTALIS grows, you will find ever more properties, settings, and places to explore. Who knows, one day you might create something to share, a place others may discover as they pass through… PORTALIS!

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