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Welcome to the NEW Evil Beagle Games!

This brand new website is a face-front example of what we are calling "Evil Beagle 2.0!"

With intense efforts begun at the end of that difficult year we all remember as 2020, EBG took on a new CEO (Jennifer Shinefeld), a new CFO (Robert Dorf), a new Art Director (Donny Arnold), a new Convention Strategy & Coordination Team (James "Pigeon" Fielder and Tammy Keyes), a new creative team for Freedom Squadron (Sean Tait Bircher and Robin English-Bircher), and so much more.

With a renewed focus on our best-selling products and a belief in bringing the concept of epic, heroic gaming to everyone, this new Evil Beagle Games still features the amazing creative talents of Len "Parthian" Pimentel, Bill "teh ebil bunneh" Keyes, Michael "The Professor" Surbrook, and - of course- the Founder and Chief Beagle Feeder, Sean "Big Irish" Patrick Fannon.

Check out PORTALIS, Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, the OMNIVERSE, Freedom Squadron, and more, and welcome to the new Beagles' Dog House!


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