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Welcome to Stringersberg

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This low-level, character-driven story set in the world of the wildly popular (what, a guy can't exaggerate a little? c'mon!) podcast "Tales from Stringersberg" is all about up-and-coming superhumans adapting to life in a Rust Belt city that's not what it used to be. Inspired by sources like The Tick, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and Venture Brothers, this ongoing campaign would be for a group of 4-6 players as street-level heroes still figuring out their powers and their status in the city, all while dealing with mundane problems, like how I'm s'posed to stop Dr. Slaughter's techno-zombies when I gotta clock in at the factory in six hours. They'd be challenged by rival groups of low-powered supers, supervillains like Duke Disastro, and the machinations of tech billionaire Greg Greenwell, who acts like the runs the place, friggin' guy.

What to expect: a gritty rules environment, lots of sarcasm, questions about what it means to be a hero in crappy world.

The initial six sessions will see a group of player-characters arriving in the Berg and finding their feet, and includes the option to renew in 6-session arcs.


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