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TERRACIDE: THE SONS OF TERRA A Science Fiction Adventure for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition Welcome to Terran Space, three centuries from today... Artificial space habitats orbit distant stars while terraformers labor to create new worlds for humanity. Bizarre aliens come to trade exotic goods far beyond Terran technology. And the lifeless, charred husk of mankind's homeworld slowly cools in the dark, silent void of a dead star system. Welcome to the rest of the galaxy. It's dark out there... In The Sons of Terra, Marathon Free Station celebrates ten years of peace on the anniversary of its victory in the Terracide War, when when anti-alien extremists known as the Sons of Terra trigger a galaxy-wide diplomatic crisis by abducting an alien envoy. With the survival of humanity hanging in the balance, the Sky Palace Freelancers hunt for the kidnappers, racing against time in an escalating spiral of violence and existential dread. This four hour scenario for up to six players uses Prowlers and Paragons rules, featuring the Terracide setting by Grady Elliott. This science fiction adventure 300 years in the future follows the exploits of a group of notorious bounty hunters reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy, in a milieu of political intrigue and deadly conspiracies akin to The Expanse.


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