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Ring of Blood

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A series of one-shots set in the world of the wildly popular (what, a guy can't exaggerate a little? c'mon!) podcast "Tales from Stringersberg," these monster-of-the-week stories follow the aftermath of a magical disaster: the death of the Sanguine Warden. With no one to maintain his family's occult tradition, the Warden's seals begin to fail, releasing all manner of demons, intelligent diseases, evil twins, ghosts with attitude problems, time-pirates, and clowns that were banished for centuries. Our heroes have the thankless job of dealing with these threats (what, they lose a bet or somethin'?), 'cause nobody else is gonna do it, I can tell ya that. Somewhere between The Defenders and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in tone, this series of stories could accomodate lots of characters dropping in and out.

What to expect: a gritty rules environment, lots of punching, things that can't be stopped by punching

  • This is essentially an umbrella for a series of one-shots, each of which will have its own subtitle, like "Maulfros, Earl of Hell!" or "The Blue Smoke!"

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