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Savagely Useful is a product line dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience for Savage Worlds game masters and players. With an emphasis on tools that layer nicely into the core rules, Savagely Useful products are designed to be fun to play with while reducing stress on GMs by making their lives easier. 


Many of the designs are by Sean Patrick Fannon, employing techniques he's developed for such major Savage Worlds lines as Savage Rifts and Freedom Squadron.

Savagely Useful: A Hero Will Rise (Epic Fantasy)

Discover Who Your Hero Was... Before They Were a Hero


A Hero Will Rise (Epic Fantasy) is the first in a series of Savagely Useful products designed specifically to help players flesh out a background story for their epic fantasy characters in Savage Worlds games. Using a combination of personal choices, random d20 rolls, and draws from a regular card deck, players can determine:


  • Where the hero grew up.
  • What kind of family they were born to.
  • What they did as a trade or profession before adventure came calling.
  • What kind of things happened to them that gave them certain challenges in life.

Using this book, you cannot only generate fun and interesting narrative elements for your character, you get special additional abilities and bonuses, as well. In addition, you can use this to generate one or both of your Minor Hindrances, and gain narrative hooks to go with them.

A Hero Will Rise (Epic Fantasy) is not only fun to use for creating a fantasy hero character, it can work great as a quick generator for NPCs, as a writing prompt for fantasy writers, and for all kinds of fantasy character-oriented needs.


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Savagely Useful: Random Magical Items

You're running a fantasy game in Savage Worlds, or a game where magic items are a part of the experience. You need some items on the fly, or maybe you're just really stumped while preparing a session.


Savagely Useful: A Random Magical Item Generator for Savage Worlds is the first in a series of "useful stuff" for Savage Worlds Game Masters. It's a set of quick-and-easy tables that will help you rapidly create random items—Minor Items, Major Items, and even Relics are possible with this system of tables.


These tables were originally created for the Primeval Thule Campaign Setting for Savage Worlds, which we at Evil Beagle Games helped Sasquatch Game Studio put together.


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