A Superhero RPG for the 21st Century!

Originally released in 2013, Prowlers & Paragons proved to be a sleeper hit that developed a loyal fan base and made its way onto a few “Best Of” lists, despite its cult status.

After five years of playing, expanding, revising, and updating the original game and listening to your feedback, Mastermind Len Pimentel called in "Henchman #1" Sean Patrick Fannon to help him create Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition

The spirit of the game remains the same, but the rules have been taken apart, refined, and carefully put back together. The new and improved rules have more depth than the original game engine, but they make for a faster, easier, and more exciting experience. 

Pinnacle City's Most Wanted

A modern city for a modern age, a super city for a super world, home to some of the world’s most beloved heroes, some of its most nefarious villains, and so much more.

Pinnacle City’s Most Wanted is the first sourcebook for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, the superhero roleplaying game. Villains are the core of this book. Within these pages you’ll find 48 of the world’s most notorious ne’er do wells, ready to unleash their evil schemes on your game world and wreak havoc at your table. From street-level muscle to cosmic world-killers, Pinnacle City’s Most Wanted has something for your game.

But these aren’t just villains, they’re Pinnacle City’s Most Wanted. In addition to providing you with stats, background information, and unique story ideas, each villain’s entry includes a description of some relevant part of Pinnacle City or the greater Pinnacle City Universe (PCU), taking you from the tenements of Bricksville to the bustling heart of Downtown Pinnacle City to the extravagant penthouses of Parkview and beyond, even into the Astral Plane or the Galactic Core! Use these locations as they are or tweak them to fit your game world.

While villains make up the majority of this book, Pinnacle City’s Most Wanted has more to offer anyone looking to run Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition. This volume also includes an assortment of new Extras, information about secret groups, organizations, and locations in the Pinnacle City Universe, and even describes a number of cosmic entities that may seek to help or hinder the heroes.

And for those times when you and your friends want to take a walk on the wild side, Pinnacle City’s Most Wanted even includes rules for playing the bad guys.

Whether your game is going to involve star spanning superheroes, street level vigilantes, or anything in between, Pinnacle City’s Most Wanted has something for you. So let us be the first to say…



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Meet Some of Pinnacle City's Most Wanted...




Two 5-Star Rated Adventures for P&PUE!

Welcome to the Modern Gods Universe!

World-renowned, award-winning RPG writer/designer Sean Patrick Fannon (AKA "Big Irish") brings you a fast-pased introductory adventure for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition

A World With Paranormals Becomes a Paranormal World

A loud, destructive attack against a jet engine engineering facility in Northern Scotland. Multiple impossible dsisasters wrack Ho Chi Min City, Viet Nam. 

Someone's taking "corporate warfare" to a new extreme, but to what end?

Crisis Control is a three-part scenario for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition (the author is also the co-designer of the rules). It's intended for 5-7 Heroes o the Standard Power Level - you can literally grab the Heroes from the back of the P&PUE core book and you're good to go. 

Crisis Control, written by P&PUE co-designer Sean Patrick Fannon (High Tech Enemies, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron) gives you...

  • Fourteen fully-fleshed, illustrated villains - three complete teams!
  • An extraordinary introduction to the P&P Disaster Rules!
  • Your first experience with the Modern Gods Universe (MGU)SPF's decades-in-the-making superhero setting.

Buy Crisis Control Here!

Welcome to Pinnacle City!

World-renowned, award-winning RPG writer/designer Eddy Webb brings you a fast-pased introductory adventure for Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition

Apes... why did it have to be apes?!

Time Heisis an adventure for 3-5 Standard Level heroes, introducing some key Villains from the Pinnacle City Universe (PCU) while giving new players a solid first-time-out adventure experience for the game mechanics. Time Heist is an adventure in three parts: 

  • Part One: A bank heist with a time manipulating speedster named Crime Spree.
  • Part Two: Innocent people and animals in the way at the local zoo as Shard wrecks havoc and tries to get in the way of the Heroes.
  • Part Three: The exciting conclusion as a horde of apes and simians, led by the myterious "Mister X," finally reveals the crucial plot to dominate the future from the past.

The Reviews Are In! P&PUE is THE Supers RPG of 2021 and Beyond!

Update: 03/14/2021

It's "International Pie Day," but it's also a day we're celebrating the enormous success of Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition! As of this writing, the core rules PDF is Number 5 on the GMs Day Sale page and Number 13 on the overall Hot List!

Also, as of today, we've received twelve ratings, all 5 STARS out of 5, and P&PUE is already a Silver Seller after only two weeks!

You don't have to just take our words for it; here's 12 Reviews for you to consider!



This game hits the sweet spot between Champions and ICONS for me. It is just amazing. Fast character creation, light rules, fast play, good combat rules and lots of d6s I think I have found my new favorite superhero game!


I really love what PPUE does. It's a fantastic mix of light crunch, narrative systems and a solid core mechanic. It avoids the pitfalls of systems like Champions or Mutants and Masterminds by focusing more on what your powers and abilities enable you to do, rather than focusing on minutia of each effect. Simple but effective and satisfying character creation.

Highly recommended!


Full disclosure, the author is in my weekly gaming group. I still paid full price, gleefully, because it's worth it.

tl:dr Just buy it and play amazing superhero games with it.

I've been playing P&PUE along the development process. This is my review of the best Superhero Game I've played.

Mr. Pimentel is one of the best designers working today. I do not exaggerate when I say he deserves to be in the same rarified air as Robin Laws. He is the only person I have talked to who designs games with the feel at the table in mind. He works hard to make the experience of the player reflect the experience of the character. The piles of dice are not there because lots of dice are fun (though they are). You roll 25 dice when a galactic hero does their thing because rolling 25 dice feels like a big deal. Most people need both hands. It makes the experience at the table visceral. If that alone isn't enough to convince you to buy, play, and run this game, consider this.

It works. It does exactly what it says on the cover. It sets you up […] easily, quickly, and enjoyably run any superhero game you can imagine. Want to play the everlasting stone cycle? It's got you covered. X-world games? Done. Are you the fear that quacks in the dark? All over it.

It's crunchy and robust enough to satisfy the grognard in your heart. It's easy enough to create a hero you can add your friend's cousin who is visiting for a week and never gamed before without breaking stride.

I know all this because I was on the receiving end of phone calls to listen to how the game could be made better, more intuitive, more fun. Mostly I made approving noises because Mr. Pimentel is brilliant. Every once in a great while I would say something to help him resolve a conflict.

I know I sound like a loopy fanboy, partly because I am, mostly because this game deserves the recognition. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some death traps to design. Supers aren't going to kill themselves you know.


This is a simply phenomenal superhero RPG. The rules are clear and flexible, character creation offers a multitude of options that allow you to create very specific hero concepts, and the narrative currency (Resolve) lets you pick the right heroic moment to give it your all. There are a lot of strengths to this game, here are a couple that have really stood out to me:

  • While there is an option for "traditional" dice results, by default P&P determines the outcome of actions by narration. On a successful roll, the player narrates and on a failed roll, the GM narrates. Not only does this massively incentivize players to get descriptive and creatively engaged with every action they take, it also gives a lot of freedom to the GM to treat a failed roll as harshly or leniently as they think is warranted.
  • In addition to superpowers and mundane talents and skills, players can also choose Expertises at character creation (basically a specialization of a skill) and are allowed to use Specialties in low-powered games. The latter provide specific role bonuses in and out of combat. Together, Expertise and Specialty allow for the creation of very specific character builds that move beyond the realm of superpowers alone, without excessive crunch. This elegant pairing is begging to be borrowed in other games/genres.
  • Powers can be modified by Pros or Cons, and heroes can be granted Perks and Flaws. The former can help shape both the thematic nature of your powers, while the latter let you build out your character with tons of genre classics, like a sidekick, secret base, unique vehicle, or special vulnerability.
  • I have to take the opportunity to mention Preparation, a power I love and kind of want to see in every RPG in some form: this allows you to spend Resolve to declare that you've prepared for the specific scenario at hand and have some advantage ready to deploy at a moment's notice. This is meant to emulate superheroes and villains who love to elaborately plan ahead for every contingency. It's a great option for people who like to play mastermind characters.

If you like rules-light and you're looking for a new superhero game, this is a great choice, with a clear love of the genre and its history.


I love the art, just in here it’s worth the cost. The system seems simple and easy to follow. Character creation does look intimidating but i would think: what if this hero and this hero had a child... what powers would the child have... and BAM!


I was a major backer to this title, and to say I have been impressed would be an understatement. It has surpassed my expectations for a well written, and easy to learn game that has as much depth as you ever need for not just the Super-hero Genre, but with small tweaks, can be used in many other Genre's as well! I am very impressed with the artwork, and the level of passion that went into this project! I have found my favorite new go to system to run, and that is Prowlers and Paragons: Ultimate Edition!


I was the first backer of the Kickstarter and have loved every inch of this game. What follows is my experience with the ruleset.

It is difficult to imagine a more canonical superhero game than Prowlers and Paragons Ultimate Edition and it is almost certain that this edition will remain the most well-known of this game, not the least for being released in a period where Lakeside Games had teamed up with Evil Beagle Games for production and distribution. Affectionately known as the successor to Champions”, this edition came out in both hardback and softback editions.

The book itself is quite a tome. The writing style varies between the formal and informal but is also clear and makes the me, the reader, feel like the author at first; is talking to me and second; explaining how the rules work.


While characters in many realistic-heroic campaigns can do without powers, any fantasy or superhero setting will need them – and there's quite a collection. A particular feature of powers in the PnPUE is that they describe an effect in game terms, with the world-based logic for the effect being a supplementary question – the special effect”. Thus, an energy blast is a power, and the actual form it takes (lightning bolt, flame bolt, stream of savage caterpillars etc...) is the special effect”. There are [a] massive amount of powers. Each power has anywhere from a few paragraphs to half a page in description, with plenty of examples. As I said before, the writing drifts to help the reader understand in game terms and what the rules actually mean.

The GMs section is a is guideline of structured flexibility. That is, it goes through the universal aspects of being a GM and in particular the campaign setting ground rules for diverse superhero campaigns. It encourages player input, establishes the importance of the Heroes, scales the aspects of campaign tone”, and so forth, before moving into the system-specific aspects such as character-building guidelines, optional rule choices, and recommended or disallowed skills, powers etc...

Another chapter covers designing adventures, which again is a collection of very sensible advice of bringing the Heroes together, bringing loose ends together, checking for complications, incorporating the game system mechanics, organizing subplots, and supervillain motivations and activities.

At first, I thought that building a superhero base was too inexpensive. Then I remembered that I want my superheroes to have a connecting point to further their adventures.


Prowlers and Paragons Ultimate will become perhaps the most well-known superhero game for a good reason. The scope and scale is well suited and there is a serious attempt to cover a great deal of ground.

Stylistically, there is a lot of positive remarks to be said about the book. Physically superb and well-written the book also has the best artwork, textual expression and organization and so forth.

I've given this game 5 stars because I want to play it with you.


I'm a long-time player of the Champions/Hero System and superhero games in general. I came across Len's original Prowlers & Paragons game and fell in love with it right off the bat. When I heard there was an Ultimate Edition in the works and that Sean Patrick Fannon was going to be part of the creative team, I jumped into the Kickstarter with gusto. As a backer, I got to see the evolution of the game, and even provide some feedback to help it develop.

P&P UE fulfills everything I’ve ever looked for in superhero RPGs. The system is simple to pick up yet flexible enough to handle just about any situation a GM might encounter. Character creation flows easily, and the powers list really does let you come up with just about any crazy concept you can think of.

Combat runs quick; task resolution uses dice pools and opposed rolls to get a quick result and effect. It combines both crunch and narrative elements in equal measure, yet allows the GM to emphasize one over the other to fit their preference. It also makes use of a boost point mechanic (called Resolve for heroes and Adversity for villains), which allows the player to handle those once-in-a story situations when the character has to put that extra heroic effort to succeed, or come up with an outside-the-box application of their abilities.

Because Sean and Len were quick to share the game with backers and other interested parties to help provide feedback during development, there is an already-active community of players ready to support and enjoy it. There is a Facebook group, a Discord server, and support for the game already set up in the Astral VTT.

To sum up, if you're into superheroic gaming, this is the system that I believe will become the standard for the genre from now on.


Hey, I don't know if you remember, but you were kind enough to describe Prowlers and Paragons to me after Angela Black tagged you asking about the game. Just wanted to thank you personally and say you sold me. I purchased the game and am transferring an ongoing game called Fighting Yank to Prowlers and Paragons.

Christopher Bowman


"Great Superhero RPG! Balances modern narrative style RPG's with old-school crunch! Simple rules with dynamic, versatile power sets that allow for diverse and exciting characters and villains. Nice artwork, well laid out, and fun to read. Pick it up, its fun!"

Pat Wagner
Pat also submitted a much more involved review for Knights of the Dinner Table 279, part of which is excerpted below: 

Where P&PUE shines is in its integration of the tried-and-true genre tropes of super-hero role playing games and the narrative style games of today. Both the players and the GM have the opportunity to use Resolve (or Adversity in the case of the GM), to come up with completely original and dramatic twists to the plot by using the very shortcomings that make the heroes and villains interesting! Additional and even more common, are the action narrations that happen throughout a typical gaming session, caused whenever a challenge roll is succeeded or failed. If successful, the player narrates what happens.

If unsuccessful, the GM narrates, with the opportunity to further embellish the narration if the roll was close one way or another. The process is elegant and feels natural. 


Want to check out the best new game system I've seen in years? Check out Prowlers and Paragons Ultimate Edition!

It's a fabulous combination of Narrative Game and Crunch on top of a solid core mechanic. And, while it was designed for Super Heroic games, it's been shown to work perfectly well for High Fantasy settings, as well...and it worked perfectly for the Charlie's Angels/Leverage Mashup I ran.

Give it a shot; you won't regret it.

Floyd G


Simply the best Supers RPG I've ever seen in 37 years of roleplaying.

As said in other reviews, it does hit a sweet spot between ICONS and Champions. It's got as much depth and detail as Mutants & Masterminds and the detail of deep character creation but without being bogged-down by number-crunching.

The narrative style is deep, creative and easy, but if you want a more traditional system of determining success in rolls, it has that option too.

Speaking of options, it also has gritty realism rules if you want a darker setting than that of its default four-color world.

The layout, graphics, design, writing, and art is first-class and upon thorough reading, there are no apparent typos or errors.

It's also a testament to how robust and well-designed this game is, that when I converted DC and Marvel characters from other game systems, they exactly within the appropriate Power Levels (Street, Low Level, Standard. High Level, Legendary or Iconic) with Superman at 226 points (Iconic) Wonder Woman at 175 points (Legendary ) and Spider-Man at 107 points (Low Level)

A thoroughly top-class, beautiful and deep super hero roleplaying game.

Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition

Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition is designed to let you play any kind of superhero game you can imagine. Because we aren’t tied to a specific world, setting, or property, we made sure you can play characters of any power level, from street-level vigilantes to iconic mega-heroes who deal with intergalactic threats. Whether you're dodging bullets or battleships, we've spent the last five years finding the perfect balance of abstraction and crunch to make sure the game is just as fun either way.

We also made sure you could tailor the rules to suit your style of play. From lighthearted Saturday morning cartoons, to modern day comic books or superhero movies, to the dark and grittier side of supers, you can do it all in Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition.

Character creation is fast and flexible, using a simple point-buy system that gives you lots of choices and enough detail to make those choices matter. Once you know what you’re doing, you can throw a character together in minutes and create exactly the type of hero you want to play.

Don’t know what you want to play? We’ve all been there. That’s why there’s an optional Random Hero Generator to help you get going. Or you can use one of the 15 fully playable heroes provided in the core rules. 

Buy Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition here!

Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition uses ordinary 6-sided dice and a simple yet robust dice pool mechanic that makes action resolution fast and exciting. The rules allow for both narrative and traditional success-or-failure based task resolution, letting you play however you prefer. In fact, you can use both methods at the same table!

Whether narrative or traditional, the rules are designed to keep you in your character’s head. When you play Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, you aren’t playing an author, narrator, or comic book publisher: you’re playing a hero!

Combat is fast and cinematic, striking a balance between abstraction and simulation that gives players meaningful choices without bogging them down. We’ve even used these rules to run epic battles with hundreds of combatants on the table! 

Pinnacle City's Most Wanted

Designed as a combination rogues gallery, adventure supplement, and setting guide, Pinnacle City’s Most Wanted is intended to help make life as easy as possible for gamemasters. Within its pages you’ll find …

  • An assortment of opponents and supervillains of varying power level, from street-level criminals to cosmic beings that threaten the entire planet, if not the entire galaxy.
  • Every villain described in enough detail to let you use them as they are, but with enough room for you to make these characters your own and fit them into your game word.
  • Every villain's entry also includes a description of an important location in Pinnacle City or in the greater Pinnacle City Universe, plus a number of adventure seeds.
  • A variety of groups, organizations, and peoples, from assassins’ guilds to ninja clans, organized criminal enterprises to shadowy government agencies, technological overlords to supernatural underworlds, hidden races to alien invaders, and more.
  • As with villains, every group, organization, or people is described in enough detail to give you a taste of who they are while leaving room to make them your own, and each description includes additional adventure seeds.
  • To combat all these menaces, the book introduces readers to AEGIS, one governmental organization the heroes might actually consider their ally. Maybe.
  • Last, because players may one day grow tired of doing the right thing and yearn to take a walk on the wild side, the last Chapter of this sourcebook includes rules and advice for playing the villains and running villainous games.

Modern Gods

Over three decades in the making, Modern Gods is an epic superhero setting by Sean Patrick Fannon (Shaintar, Savage Rifts, Freedom Squadron). It presents an internally-consistent, content-rich universe for you to explore modern and postmodern superpowered roleplaying. Calling back to classic comics of the last few decades, from Iron Age to Modern Age, and merging with the cinematic superhero renaissance of today, this is a world in which the impossible is given spectacular form and believable function. Modern Gods is also your introduction to the Omniverse, a powerful meta-concept that ties countless settings together in one grand, shared superpowered experience!

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