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Aaron Allston's Strike Force

Developed by Evil Beagle Games with High Rock Press!


A superhero setting like no other. A role-playing game campaign book that includes techniques and lessons from over 22 years of play. A tribute to one of the greatest creators in the RPG industry, created using Champions 6th Edition.


In 1988, Aaron Allston released Strike Force, a supplement detailing the first eight years of his superhero campaign. Noted for its extensive and highly-influential advice to game masters on how to run a long-term campaign, Strike Force was a landmark RPG publication.


We have now released an updated version of this classic book for the 21st Century. Aaron himself was designing this new edition of Strike Force before his untimely death, and we wanted to bring his work to life as a monument to Aaron's lasting influence on the RPG hobby. This updated Strike Force sourcebook - loving crafted by Michael Surbrook -  includes never-before-seen material detailing Aaron's multiversal superhero setting, compelling characters and villains, and updated and expanded advice from Superhero RPG veterans like Steve Kenson, Ross Watson, and Sean Patrick Fannon on how to run a campaign using "the Strike Force method.”


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A Feast of Tigers (5e)

Dark forces wish to desecrate an important religious ceremony taking place at a royal gathering. Can the heroes discover the assassins before it is too late?

A Feast of Tigers is a short adventure (for characters of 9th-15th level) involving intrigue and politics as much as combat and magic. It is set amongst a backdrop of bloody ambition and assassination during the investiture of a senior priest into the church of the Lawmaker in the troubled region of Westmarch. As the plots and schemes turn to open murder, the player characters find themselves in the midst of a powder keg primed to explode; a situation to which someone is very deliberately trying to light the fuse!

This is the first in a series of products Evil Beagle Games is proud to bring you, from the creative and prolific mind and talents of Ross Watson (Lead Designer and Developer, Wrath & Glory: Warhammer 40K Roleplay). Look for many more exciting, fun, and involving products from one of our favorite creators!

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Primeval Thule (Savage Worlds Edition)

Primeval Thule is a sword-and-sorcery campaign setting now redesigned for Savage Worlds in conjunction with Ross Watson and Sean Patrick Fannon of Evil Beagle Games!


Welcome to Thule, a primordial land of fierce barbarians, elder horrors, and savage wilderness. In this ancient age, humankind is a young race, newly arisen on a monster-haunted Earth. Cities of cruel splendor lie scattered across the great lands of the North like a handful of gems strewn from a dead thief's hand.


This is a doomed age, a time of great deeds and inhuman terror destined to be lost and forgotten beneath the numbing cloak of endless winter. But for one glittering moment, Thule lives—and it is a fierce, cruel, splendid, and marvelous moment indeed.


This 272-page tome provides you everything you need to introduce the world of Thule to your Savage Worlds game. Inside, you will find:


  • A new character race, the Atlanteans;
  • 20 heroic narratives such as free blade, ice reaver, and star-lore adept;
  • Over 50 new beasts, monsters, and villains to challenge your players;
  • 3 ready-to-play adventures to begin your campaign;
  • A detailed description of Quodeth, City of Thieves, the perfect home for bold heroes;
  • Six player reference cards, each detailing a different region to help flesh out character backgrounds;
  • And a whole continent of savage adventure to explore (map included)!


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Colossal Clash

Welcome to the first deck-building game released exclusively on DriveThruCards!


With whimsical humor and cartoony fun, Colossal Clash takes you to the outer edges of the singularity that lies at the Center of the Universe. There, you will do battle with alien warlords, galactic despots, and masters of every form of power imaginable. Casting about for Creative, Destructive, and Forbidden energies, you will summon strange beings, mighty heroes, and ancient (and bizarre) relics to throw against your enemies, and you'll fling spells of terrible power and reality-altering emanations to…


... Oh, to heck with it! You're gonna bust some heads and try to wipe everyone else out! After all, this is:


The Ultimate Battle for Cosmic All-Time Power!


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