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As per his original LakeSide Games site:


"LakeSide Games is a small roleplaying game company located in sunny Miami, Florida.


Roleplaying is the reason we learned math. It taught us new words, and helped us develop our love of language. It taught us how to think outside the box, and sometimes to use the box as a deadly weapon. It empowered our imagination. It made us laugh. And it was fun.


Our goal is to grow this wonderful hobby. The world will be better for it."

Six-Gun Fury

Welcome to the Furious West!

The Western Action-Adventure Movie Roleplaying Game

Six-Gun Fury is a love letter to Sergio Leone, thinly disguised as a rules-light roleplaying game of Action-Adventure Westerns. Like many western action movies, the game is set in a version of the Old West that has almost nothing to do with actual history, a place we like to call the Furious West.

Using an updated version of the ruleset introduced in Magnum Fury, our original action movie roleplaying game and the progenitor of our Furious Games line, Six-Gun Fury is a fast-playing game about action heroes in a mythical old west that never really existed.

If you never found westerns all that interesting or don’t think you know enough about the Old West to run a western game, then this game is especially for you … because we felt the same way.

Or at least we did when we started working on Six-Gun Fury. But then we rediscovered the western, and fell in love with the genre. Westerns have it all: action, adventure, comedy, excitement, heroism, mystery, romance, sacrifice, tragedy, everything. But there’s something special about westerns, something raw, something almost post-apocalyptic about them, without the need for an actual apocalypse. And there’s something almost impossibly poignant about the small, personal stories that are so important to the western’s larger-than-life characters, and often to them alone.

So don’t worry about whether you know enough about the Old West. Trust us, you do. On top of that, we watched way too many westerns and spent way too many hours doing actual research so you don’t have to. We boiled everything that really matters about Westerns (at least as far as this game’s concerned) down into a few pages of ideas and random tables to help you throw a western game together in no time flat.

Come on, partner, the Furious West is waiting for you, here in Six-Gun Fury!

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Manifestation Destiny - A Six-Gun Fury Worldbook

Whiskey, grits, and demon spittle

Tossed into my iron griddle

With the tannin' of our hides

Something wicked this way rides.

On December 15th, 1871, dark and terrifying mists rolled down the Mississippi, cutting off the East from the Western United States. Similar mists divided Canada, no one comes back after riding more than a day south of the Rio Grande, and sailing into the west is impossible. All that remains is the western half of the continent, with monsters, undead, and worse roaming the lands.

The Wild West is now your entire world - what will you do to survive, and to protect those left?

Manifestation Destiny is, among other things, a love letter from Bill Keyes, Len Pimentel, and Evil Beagle Games to Shane Hensley's incredible Deadlands RPG setting. It's also a paean to all things weird and horrific in the Wild West, delivering on the promise of more fantastic experiences offered in the latter half of Six-Gun Fury.

Manifestation Destiny includes:

  • A brief history of what happened "When Things Changed."
  • The state of the world - what's left of it, anyway.
  • Additional character creation options for Six-Gun Fury.
  • A fun-and-easy adventure generator.
  • A full-length adventure - The Bonnie Bell Gang Rides Again.
  • A bestiary, including four powerful and intriguing Villains.

Bill "teh ebil bunneh" Keyes, the mastermind behind the Cities of Wonder line for Evil Beagle, brings his love of people, places, and story to fans of Six-Gun Fury. Ride the range, dare the dangerous Mississippi, or stand firm in the streets of the town you've chosen to defend against all comers - including that horde of hungry dead shambling your way!

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Prowlers & Paragons

(Note: This is the original version; Len Pimentel and Sean Patrick Fannon are currently working on the next iteration, Prowlers & Paragons: Ultimate Edition)


Prowlers & Paragons (or P&P) is a tabletop roleplaying game with a narration-driven, rules-light system designed to emulate four-color superhero comics. Let’s break that down so you can see what you’re getting yourself into.


P&P is a tabletop roleplaying game. We’re going to assume you’ve got this one covered.


P&P is a narration-driven system. The rules in this game are not effects driven. For the most part, they don’t tell you what happens. Instead, they tell you who gets to describe what happens. And that’s what it’s all about in P&P: describing what happens. Both the players and the game master (GM) take turns narrating events in the game world. This makes P&P feel more like an exercise in collaborative storytelling than a typical roleplaying game. However, P&P isn’t totally freeform and open-ended either. There are rules that help determine what characters can do and how they compare to one another, especially in combat! This prevents the game from devolving into a never-ending debate about what is and isn’t reasonable.


P&P is rules light. It’s chock full of gross oversimplifications and blatant inaccuracies that mimic comic book tropes rather than real-world facts. This also makes P&P a simple game with a streamlined set of rules. Once you know what you’re doing, you should be able to play without ever opening the book.


Finally, P&P is designed to emulate four-color superhero comics. This game is about the heroic things the characters do and the heroic burdens they shoulder. Mundane matters get little attention. There aren’t any detailed rules for dealing with money and wealth, but there most definitely is a rule for smashing into a bank vault. Let’s be perfectly clear: This is not a deep and cerebral game. P&P was designed to let you play stories about super heroes who save the world and beat the snot out of villains who richly deserve it. Like so much of the genre, P&P is a gleefully unapologetic exercise in heroic wish fulfillment.


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Magnum Fury

A tabletop roleplaying game about action movies, especially those of the 80s and early 90s, Magnum Fury is designed to play the kind of fast combat and intense action scenes action movies are known for. Magnum Fury was heavily inspired by—and pokes a lot of fun at—the action movies and action comedies of the 80s and early 90s, but it can be used to play any kind of action adventure from any genre. It uses a simple set of rules that focus on the heroes and allow you and your friends to imitate your favorite action movies or make up your own. You can create your very own badass action hero in less than a minute, and game prep requires nothing more than a few ideas about how you plan to abuse the heroes.


If you’re looking for someone to blame for Magnum Fury, look no farther than 48 Hours and Another 48 Hours, Above the Law, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Aliens, The Beastmaster, Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop 2, Big Trouble in Little China, Bloodsport, Commando, Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, The Crow, The Delta Force, Demolition Man, Die Hard, Escape from New York, First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part 2, Flash Gordon, The Golden Child, Hawk the Slayer, Hard to Kill, Highlander, Invasion U.S.A., Kickboxer, The Last Dragon, Lethal Weapon (all of them), Marked for Death, Predator and Predator 2, Raw Deal, Red Sonja, The Road Warrior and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Roadhouse, Robocop and Robocop 2, Running Man, Tango and Cash, Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, They Live, Timecop, Total Recall, True Lies, and Under Siege.


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TNT (The Narrative Toolbox)

TNT (The Narrative Toolbox) is a rules-light, narrative-heavy roleplaying game.


The game mechanics are focused on one thing: narrative control. The rules don't attempt to simulate how things work in the game world. They assume that everyone understands how the game world works and what kinds of things are possible, depending on the genre. What the rules DO help you decide is who gets to take control of the narrative and describe what happens next in the story of the game.


Based around the concept of universal character archetypes and the roles they play in adventure stories of all genres, TNT is effectively a universal roleplaying game that can be used to play any kind of story about any kind of characters in any kind of world.

If you can dream it, you can do it in TNT.


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Hughesville High

Hughesville (not to be confused with that town where Christmas was almost stolen) is a happy little suburb of Chicago sometime during the 1980s. Home to Hughesville High, Hughesville is that town you see in almost every 80s teen movie, especially those by John Hughes. It’s a content little place during a content little time when Reagan was president, America was the most totally excellent nation that ever was, and all was good and right with the world, at least to the extent that anyone in America cared to pay attention. Greed was good, communism was bad, and music videos were starting to become “a thing” thanks to some no-name cable channel.


Hughesville High is a roleplaying game about high school kids in the 80s. High school kids with unusual powers and abilities, sure, but high school kids nonetheless. It’s a lighthearted game intended to evoke the classic teen movies of the 80s, with the modern-day teen-monster shtick and other weirdness thrown into the mix for good measure. Unlike today’s teen-monster genre, however, Hughes isn’t supposed to be taken even slightly seriously. Hughesville High is much more Weird Science and much less Twilight.


The characters in Hughesville High are ordinary teens living through the strange days of the 1980s, trying their best to live normal lives while dealing with the abnormal situations that keep coming their way. They may be aliens, monsters, robots (yes, robots), or whatever else, but more than that, they’re teenagers, looking to survive high school, score a date for the prom, and avoid doing anything that could end up on their Permanent Record.


Powered by the rules-light and narrative heavy TNT game engine, Hughesville High is a fast-playing almost no prep time game.  If you have an hour or two to play and nothing ready, if you want a break from dungeon crawling and running through shadows, if you just want to have some fun in a roleplaying game that doesn't involve killing your way across an entire continent, come try Hughesville High!


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The Super Powered RPG Battle Game!


So what’s a Super Powered RPG Battle Game?


Simple: a streamlined collection of rules for running super powered battles and roleplaying superhero stories.


As a battle game, Paragons! can be used to play out comic book slugfests between heroes and villains that you create. The combat system is a dice game all by itself, one that requires strategy, teamwork, and the ability to outthink your opponent. You can play Paragons! as a battle game, even if roleplaying games aren’t your thing.


But since you’re here, you should know that Paragons! is also a toolbox for roleplaying super powered adventures. We call it a toolbox because it only includes the rules of the game. We’ve left out a lot of the fluff normally found in roleplaying games. We’ve given you the tools, and assume you know how to use them.


However you decide to play Paragons!, we hope you enjoy!


This title includes two copies of the complete game, one in full color and one in printer friendly back and white.


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