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To the left and below, you can click on the specific product pages to learn lots more about what Evil Beagle Games is producing and selling for your gaming pleasure. All of our products are available exclusively on DriveThruRPG, which is that cool little widget off to the left as well.

Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition is the Superhero RPG for the 21st Century, designed by Leonard Pimentel with Sean Patrick Fannon. Our successful Kickstarter launched a whole line of products for this easy-to-play, easy-to-run, narrative-friendly game with just the right amount of crunch. 

P&PUE is the launch point for the entire Omniverse - a metasetting concept that allows settings by pros and fans alike to be interconnected and shared across the world!

Freedom Squadron

Freedom Squadron is a setting for Savage Worlds, developed by Evil Beagle Games, for roleplaying in the world of VENOM Assault (the cooperative board game from Spyglass Games). Freedom Squadron features some extraordinary developments for Savage Worlds fans. Freedom Squadron is available now!

Michael Surbrook Presents

From the mind of Michael Surbrook, we're proud to present a series of products touching on various well-researched, creative, and unusual subjects for tabletop RPGs.

Cities of Wonder

Cities of Wonder is a line of books envisioned by Bill "teh ebil bunneh" Keyes, each describing a city, town, village, neighborhood, fortification, space station, caravanserai, or some other place that people live, play, and work. They are system-neutral with a focus on people, places, and adventures, so no matter what you play you can use them. You can effortlessly slot them into any existing campaign, either your own world or a published setting.

Savagely Useful

Savagely Useful is a line of products designed specifically to enhance your Savage Worlds gaming experience. These products typically include really cool randomized tables designed to make character creation, adventure design, campaign running, that much more fun and less stressful for game masters and players alike. Check out the Random Magical Item Generator, A Hero Will Rise (Epic Fantasy), and more!

LakeSide Games

LakeSide Games is the imprint of Len Pimentel, carrying over his amazing game design work on such lines as Prowlers & Paragons, Magnum Fury, and TNT. Watch for much more to come from the team-up between Len and the rest of the EBG crew!

Other Cool Stuff!

Evil Beagle Games has other products as well! Check out our collection of gaming goodness!

Savage Rifts

A classic game setting combining magic, technology, psionics and more, Rifts comes to the Savage Worlds ruleset! Check out the line of products for Savage Rifts from an amazing team-up of Evil Beagle Games, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and Palladium Books!

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