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Open the Door, Hero. Your Story Awaits.

This is your place to gather with friends – old and new – and dream of worlds that could be, that never were, and will live forever in your heart. Step around the pylon and encounter Enigma.

They beckon you to imagine yourself into whatever form of body, mind, and soul will carry you best through the opening, where the infinite possibilities of nigh-endless universes – the Omniverse – exist.

Will you strap on your sword belt or holster your blaster? Don cape and boots or duster and hat?

Enter PORTALIS and discover worlds of shared imagination, epic adventure, and grand enjoyment!

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At present, we are currently working with a web development team to launch a fully-functioning PORTALIS site that will automate much of the process of searching for games, perusing GMs and their information, and signing up for games. This being such an exciting idea, we didn't want to wait to get some games started, so we'll be posting available game choices here for now. You can either reach out as an individual, or put a group together for a given experience.

Emailwith all inquiries.


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