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Omni Verse

The OMNIVERSE is the ultimate "shared reality" concept, created by Sean Patrick Fannon and Evil Beagle Games as a way to connect all of the wonderful worlds they craft and publish for you to explore and play in. There's a shared cosmology at the center of it all, a "unified field theory" that explains superpowers, magic, monsters, weird science, and more. While giving an internal consistency to everything, the OMNIVERSE concept never gets in the way of creativity or imaginative possibilities.

The OMNIVERSE is also our meta-brand for all the worlds you can explore, both as a customer of our products and a patron of our PORTALIS service. Over time, you may see fan creations and other publishers bring their own unique visions to the OMNIVERSE, as well. What stories will you tell in a shared multiple reality where you are the hero?


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