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Michael Surbrook

AKA “The Professor
Senior Developer

Michael Surbrook got his game developer feet wet by creating Kazei 5 for the HERO System back in 1999. Since then he’s written material for BlackWyrm games (Kazei 5 2nd Edition, Larger Than Life), D3 Adventures, Fantasy Flight Games (assorted Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader products), Hero Games (Asian Bestiary I & II, Fantasy Hero Complete, Ninja Hero), and High Rock Press (Aaron Allston’s Strike Force), and contributed some ideas to Savage Worlds Weird War I. Oh, and if you look hard enough, you’ll find some of this drawings in old issues of Autoduel Quarterly and GURPS Humanix.

"The Professor" has produced a significant body of work for EBG, to include Beasts from the East (Japan), Feywild Discoveries, Here Be Dragons, Atomic Monsters, and much, much more! He's one of our top D&D 5e designers, as well as a key creator for Prowlers & Paragons.

In addition to all of the creating, Michael is the person in charge of overseeing all of our product lines and ensuring everything fits into the Grand Scheme (Architect), as well as ensuring all we do (creatively and procedurally) is recorded and maintained (Archivist). He also demands you know his other title - Beloved of Emperor Rocco.


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