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Jennifer Shinefeld

AKA “Maven

Jennifer Shinefeld - recently named to the prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry - has many years of experience as a gamer, both at the table and in LARP communities. She also has extensive experience as a writer and editor, with a degree in English and a deep, abiding love for the written word (especially when found in very old bindings discovered on used bookshelves).

Over the last three years, she's gone from "executive management" of Sean while he runs his Big Epic Games to overseeing the entire team for all of our projects. The move to Chief Executive Officer of the company was a perfect fit. Naturally gifted as a leader and organizer (and mentored by some of the top minds in gaming), Jennifer applies the same charisma and influence she uses as a ballet instructor (Cecchetti, Royal Academy of Dance) to guide EBG's growing pool of talent as we reach for the Next Level. She's intimately aware of every aspect of this company and its people, and there's not a single Beagle who doesn't trust her leadership.

Jennifer is also one of our top editors. Her latest efforts include Freedom Squadron, 5e products, and Prowlers & Paragons.

Jennifer's additional "geek cred" comes from her work as a highly prized jewelry crafter, the proprietor of Winterhaven Jewelry (where she first developed her skills at starting and running a business).

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