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Dr. James Fielder

AKA “Pigeon
(Lt Col, USAF, Retired), COO, Senior Designer & World Building Consultant

Another major friend and stakeholder in the new Evil Beagle Games "2.0 Era," Pigeon is one of the world's leading experts on ludology (the study of games and gameplay), and the only political scientist in the world who researches emergent political processes in game worlds and settings.

Pigeon brings an incredible wealth of expertise in the application of real-world geopolitics, sociology, economics, and military research to every one of our projects at Evil Beagle Games. He's currently playing a major role in the development of our new, soon-to-be announced 5e project. He's also a fantastic Game Master, player, and has a rather extraordinary Prowlers & Paragons setting in development as well - Her Majesty's Rakes & Scoundrels.

Founder of Liminal Operations and LoRE (Liminal Research & Education), Pigeon is also an Adjunct Professor and Research Associate at Colorado State University and a Marine Corps University Non-Resident Krulak Fellow for the 2020/2021 academic year.


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