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Donny Arnold

AKA “The Foreman
Art Director

Donny has been playing tabletop and video games since 1983. He is decidedly old (though not as old as our decrepit President, who rolled dice made of teeth and granite). He is part owner of Gamer Girl Games LLC and Genghis Con Colorado with his better half (Andre'a Arnold, also a major supporter of the Beagles), making up the dynamic duo that is known as the “First Couple of Gaming.”

Though Donny has no formal training in art direction (he's a top-level tradesman and technician in the HVAC industry by day), his keen eye, sense of design, and love of the visuals of the hobby led him to become quite the connoisseur of adventure illustrations. He's long been known as a go-to person in the Mountain West for advice on art, graphics, and presentation. (He's also a fantastic miniatures painter and highly skilled GM!)

A longtime supporter of Evil Beagle Games, Donny's name came up naturally when the company found itself in need of an Art Director. The role requires a critical eye, a good sense of business, and excellent communication skills that lean into the creative heart space of the adventure game illustrator. Donny has all of these in great quantity, and he's already turned the entire art direction process for EBG around in huge ways.


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