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We at Evil Beagle Games are sad to report that we have to delay the launch of the FREEDOM SQUADRON FRIENDS/FOES Kickstarter (scheduled for launch August 17th, 2021). With good reason, Kickstarter has begun restricting the launch of new campaigns by companies with outstanding deliverables for previous campaigns. In our case, the ongoing delays with final print file approval for BLOOD & JUSTICE have created a logjam we did not anticipate when we first scheduled the launch date for this new Kickstarter campaign.

There's a lot that goes into planning and scheduling when you’re a small company with multiple product lines, attempting to grow your business by putting out regular content across those lines. In our case, we genuinely believed we had the timing worked out for final delivery of the B&J campaign before the FS campaign launch. The mysteries of what it takes for the print-on-demand service we are going through to actually get to and approve our files have thus far eluded us, however (as was evident during our final push for getting PROWLERS & PARAGONS out the door before all of this).

We are even now considering new options for future publishing efforts as we step back and work to get this all disentangled and sorted out. In the meantime, we appreciate the support of you, our fans and customers, as we continue to learn and grow as a company. We'll get the FREEDOM SQUADRON FRIENDS/FOES Kickstarter Campaign launched as soon as possible, so stay tuned for more in the days to come. VENOM cannot be allowed to win that easily!


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