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About the Beagle

"Bad Dog. Good Games."

Evil Beagle Games is a tabletop RPG development house and publisher with over 13 years of history in the adventure games space. Led by CEO Jennifer Shinefeld, the company has grown from a single-person DBA to a team of over twenty people working together on multiple major projects. The two “tentpole” products lines for EBG are: Freedom Squadron (a Savage Worlds setting that serves as a love letter to “GI Joe” and 80s-era cartoons) and Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition (a highly-popular set of superhero RPG rules).

Both of these lines are connected by the ambitious, all-inclusive OMNIVERSE concept – a shared multiverse of settings with a core cosmology and the capacity for interaction between the different games. Evil Beagle has also launched PORTALIS, a web-delivered person-to-person service that offers unique roleplaying experiences with some of the best Game Masters in the RPG world. Evil Beagle Games is dedicated to the principles of Inclusivity, Diversity, Representation, and Kindness in the gaming community.


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