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Heads up! We're going through a massive reorganization (take a look at the revised About the Beagle section), and we have some huge news coming about a brand new D&D 5e setting in the works, as well as our new professional game service, PORTALIS!)


Take a look around at all the great stuff we've published, and all the stuff we have coming soon! This is your home for great gaming fun!

PORTALIS - The Doorway to Your Next Game!

Evil Beagle Games' new subsidiary professional game service is in early-stage launch, and you will definitely want to learn more about it! We are looking for folks who want to play, of course, but we will also be recruiting Game Masters who have what it takes to present the best possible RPG experience online! 


Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

Our pride-and-joy core system, Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, is now available for sale as a PDF on DriveThruRPG! 

P&PUE features: 

Check out the game that others are calling "my new favorite superhero game," "the best Superhero Game I've played," and "a well written, and easy to learn game that has as much depth as you ever need."

Buy Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition here!

  • Easy, intuitive game mechanics with just enough crunch to be truly fun to play!

  • Player-empowering narrative and shared descriptive experiences reflecting the best of 21st Century game design!

  • Fast and fun, character creation allows any concept you can imagine, any power set you might wish to play with.




Evil Beagle Games, LLC

Jennifer Shinefeld, CEO


09/22/2020 (UPDATED 03/142021)




A new, expanded, all-star team to take EBG to the next level


Dateline: DENVER, CO, September 22nd, 2020 — Evil Beagle Games, LLC, celebrates the Autumnal Equinox and “Hobbit Day” with the revelation that the team has expanded significantly to meet the challenges of a new era in tabletop gaming. Founder Sean Patrick Fannon (President, Chief Creative Officer) welcomes Jennifer Shinefeld as the new CEO. She heads up a talented and diverse group of folks coming aboard to expand EBG’s opportunities, to include an ambitious new D&D setting.


“This is an incredibly exciting time as I watch this company I founded transform into something more, something better,” said Fannon as the new structure was finalized and submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State.


Inclusivity, Diversity, Representation, and Kindness


For over a decade, Evil Beagle published exciting, interesting, and helpful products for a wide customer base. Now they seek to meet the honorable task posed to all entertainment media to improve representation without and within.


In addition to Jennifer, the Senior Designers Len Pimentel, Michael Surbrook, and Bill Keyes are joined by Cory Williamsen (Project Manager), Robert Dorf (CFO), Dr. James Fielder (Senior Designer & Consultant), and Marian Waldman (Director of Sales). Sean Tait Bircher and Robin English-Bircher continue as the Freedom Squadron product line developers, and Tammy Sue Keyes continues as EBG’s Convention Coordinator.


Powerful Product Lines and a New World to Explore


With the impending release of the game-changing Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition, Evil Beagle also announced the Omniverse Project, wherein a nigh-endless opportunity for adventure awaits players and creators alike as they can all share a giant meta-continuity of settings. All-new Freedom Squadron books are on their way, with lots of support products already appearing for Savage Worlds fans.


The really huge news, however, is the announcement of a brand-new setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Taking the lead shown by Wizards of the Coast, EBG seeks to present an exciting realm of adventure that delivers on the promise of inclusivity, diversity, representation, and kindness. Headed up by Bill Keyes and Michael Surbrook, this new setting promises to change the world of D&D forever and in the most positive of ways.


Evil Beagle Games is a highly experienced design house and publisher of quality tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) products. 


Evil Beagle Games and the Evil Beagle logo are trademarks of Evil Beagle Games, LLC in the United States.


For more information, contact Jennifer Shinefeld (

For sales information, contact Marian Waldman (


Join the Online/Remote Gaming Community During this Time of Social Distancing with P&PUE, Astral, Discord, and More!

The Waiting Room Edition is now available for the general public on DriveThruRPG. We've made it "Pay What You Want" as a way to get a fun, playable game in everyone's hands, no matter how strapped for cash they are in these difficult times. As we now have an official presence (and dynamic character sheet) on the Astral VTT site, we wanted to make it possible for everyone to play our great supers game with friends while they are stuck at home during the C-19 pandemic. 

Buy P&PUE Waiting Room Edition Here!

And here's all the ways you can get together with others online to get your supers game on!

  • Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition is now an official option on the Astral Virtual Tabletop system! 
  • We have a fan-hosted Discord Server that's welcoming all P&P fans!
  • If you're looking for a simple dice rolling app to handle P&P die rolls while you game via Zoom or other A/V means, I've created a Rolz Omniverse Room for just that purpose. Tab over to the Wiki part on the right to get the instructions on how to roll P&P dice and get the results you're looking for.
  • Oh, and we're pretty proud that "Prowlers & Paragons" is now one of the specfic systems you can search for on DriveThruRPG.

Modrons of the Nether Plane (5e) Now Available!

A Horrifying Race of Creatures for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Modrons are native to an eternal, unchanging, perfect clockwork dimension, where they unceasingly care for the mechanisms upon which the universe is balanced. But these are not the only modrons. There are also modrons in the nether plane, the place where law is tinged with – but not yet totally corrupted by – evil. The nether plane is a dimension at constant war, where armies march in ceaseless battle for control of lands or resources, and in this dimension no army is more dangerous than the modrons who have recently made this place their home. The modrons of here are known as Tainted Modrons, and they are very different from the others of their kind, in both appearance and attitude. 

Modrons of the Nether Plane includes the following:

  • A history of these evil clockwork creatures
  • 15 new monsters for your Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game, ranging from mere nuisances to godlike foes
  • Nine short adventure ideas
  • A full adventure for a party of 6th-8th level 

Buy Modrons of the Nether Plane here!

Freedom Squadron Villain & Valor: Red Talon vs. Catamount (SWADE) Now Available!

Heads Up, Commandos!

It’s ninja versus super-soldier in the next Freedom Squadron mini-PDF! Villain & Valor: Red Talon vs. Catamount provides a brand-new hero from SpyGlass Games’ VENOM ASSAULT: Villains & Valor expansion—and brand-new options for Freedom Squadron Game Masters and players!

Red Talon, sub-commander of VENOM’s Shadow Fangs, seeks to assassinate Toxin and usurp leadership of the deadly ninja!

Catamount and Wally the mountain lion escaped a VENOM super-soldier program and now lend their superhuman combat skills to Freedom Squadron!

In addition to stats and story seeds for these new characters, this PDF previews new options from the upcoming Advanced Tech and Occult Operations Manuals: the highly customizable Super-Soldier Framework and new mystical martial arts Edges. Create a new commando with astonishing abilities! Cultivate your qi and master the Four Guardian Forms!

This product requires Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and the Freedom Squadron Commando’s Manual to play.

Buy Villains & Valor: Red Talon vs Catamount here!

Oceanic Discoveries (5e) Now Available!

"The Professor," Michael Surbrook, brings his incredible research skills and in-depth knowledge of subjects historical, mythical, and fantastic to the great frontier on and beneath the waves. 

Designed specifically for people playing 5e campaigns.

Continuing the combination of utility, imaginative content, and deep research found in the Discoveries series, Evil Beagle's resident scholar and master-of-cleverness, Michael Surbrook, brings another useful toolkit to bear for Game Masters who want to elevate their games. In this case, Oceanic Discoveries is an extraordinary treatise on how to incorporate the oceans and all they contain within your 5e campaign, including - 

  • Tons of information about oceans, seas, great lakes, the travel upon and beneath them, and the realms and locations they present.
  • The history and mythology of ocean and water travel throughout the ages and the Seven Seas.
  • A significant and highly-detailed set of random encounter tables to enhance your GMing of any 5e campaign featuring the last great frontier of the world.
This entry in the Discoveries line is another meaty one full of deep research and loving detail.


Buy Oceanic Discoveries Here!

Freedom Squadron (SW) Now Available!

For Freedom!

It’s the year 2051, and World War III only ended two years ago. Even as the world began to rebuild from the conflagration, humanity was rocked by the revelation that a massive organization engaged in a terrible conspiracy to bring Earth to its knees and under their control. VENOM became the enemy of all freedom-loving people, using military might, criminal undertakings, weird science, occult mysteries, and economic warfare to attack humanity and install their mighty leader, VENOM Commander, firmly in control of the world.

But Freedom Squadron has something to say about that! Formed by the allies of the Trans-Atlantic Coalition, under the auspices of the United Nations, Freedom Squadron is an international force comprised of elite soldiers, sailors, pilots, special agents, first responders, and more, all dedicated to protecting the Earth from VENOM and other terrible forces and
strange, mysterious dangers.

The Freedom Squadron Commando’s Manual is everything you need to create a hero ready to take the battle to VENOM, using the Savage Worlds system:

  • Vocation Frameworks like Athlete, Guerilla Fighter, Law Enforcement Officer, Medic, Ninja, Pilot, Sailor, Soldier, Spy, and many more!
  • Hero’s Journey Specialization Tables such as Black Ops, Close Quarters Combat, Command, Intelligence, Naval Operations, Special Operations, Tech & Engineering, and more!
  • New Edges, including Carnage Corps, Fighting Style, Operational Planning, Strange DNA, Zone Specialist, and more!
  • Introducing Focuses, special enhancements to Skills that both simplifies and fleshes out the Skill system of Savage Worlds.
  • Tons of Gear - weapons, armor, vehicles, and more! 

It all comes down to making a good plan and executing a solid operation! The Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual is everything you need to generate adventures and scenarios, as well as learn all about the world of VENOM Assault and Freedom Squadron:

  • The new and highly innovative Plans & Operations rules, developed by Sean Patrick Fannon to enable GMs and players to narratively work together to create immersive, multi-faceted “mission montages” that use all of a team’s skills and resources while encouraging maximum narrative creativity for each player.
  • A Mission Generator that works for Freedom Squadron or any modern post-modern setting featuring military and special operative heroes.
  • A richly detailed history of the world of Freedom Squadron and VENOM, with a Timeline that covers everything from pre-history all the way through the end of World War III and the founding of Freedom Squadron.
  • A system of special Mission Rewards that includes a new Contacts system, enabling players to develop special connections and relationships with specialists who can help them in future missions.
  • Files and stats for lots of VENOM bad guys as well as Mission Specialists that can be called in to fill gaps in a team’s capabilities.

Buy the Commando's Manual Here!

Buy the Plans & Operations Manual Here!

Buy the P&O Deck Here!

Buy the Digital Extras Bundle Here!

Treasure Discoveries (5e) Now Available!

Interesting and Mysterious Things for Any Fantasy Game Where the Heroes Seek and Earn Treasure

Designed specifically for people playing 5e campaigns.

Continuing the combination of utility, imaginative content, and deep research found in Feywild DiscoveriesCity Discoveries, and Draconic Discoveries, Evil Beagle's resident scholar and master-of-cleverness, Michael Surbrook (AKA "The Professor"), brings another useful toolkit to bear for Game Masters who want to elevate their games. In this case, Treasure Discoveries is designed to present game masters with a wealth (no pun intended) of information when it comes to creating treasure caches and troves. This includes - 

  • The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Treasure: Discussing the very nature of treasure itself. More than items of value, treasure represents the history, wealth, and a full narrative of the lands and people of a world. There's also matters of where a treasure comes from and how it wound out where the heroes can find it, among many other questions to ask and answer.
  • Contents of a Treasure Trove: The "brass tacks," so to speak, of what a treasure trove is made of. Precious (and practical) metals; gems of every color and type; crafted objects of a dizzying variety; and items of value that don't necessarily fit neatly into a backpack are among the many things covered.
  • Containers of Treasure: What will you find your treasure reward within? A bag, chest, or coffin? What is an amphorae, a catafalque, or coffer?
  • Treasure Trove Set Pieces: For quick reference and use, you get five different collections of treasure that might be found, from a bandit leader's pouch to a dragon's hoard.
  • Random Treasure Trove Tables: Expanding dramatically from the tables found in the Dungeon Master's Guide, these tables give the GM extraordinary deep and colorful results when randomly generating the discovered treasures found in any situation.

That last part is the true meat of the product, as it can enhance any fantasy game with a couple of simple rolls. Treasure Discoveries is an invaluable tool for any GM hoping for some quick-and-easy help in elevating their scenario with interesting and descriptively-fulfilling treasures to fight for and earn.

Buy Treasure Discoveries Here!

Six-Gun Fury Now Available!

Welcome to the Furious West!


The Western Action-Adventure Movie Roleplaying Game


Six-Gun Fury is a love letter to Sergio Leone, thinly disguised as a rules-light roleplaying game of Action-Adventure Westerns. Like many western action movies, the game is set in a version of the Old West that has almost nothing to do with actual history, a place we like to call the Furious West.


Using an updated version of the ruleset introduced in Magnum Fury, our original action movie roleplaying game and the progenitor of our Furious Games line, Six-Gun Fury is a fast-playing game about action heroes in a mythical old west that never really existed.


If you never found westerns all that interesting or don’t think you know enough about the Old West to run a western game, then this game is especially for you … because we felt the same way.


Or at least we did when we started working on Six-Gun Fury. But then we rediscovered the western, and fell in love with the genre. Westerns have it all: action, adventure, comedy, excitement, heroism, mystery, romance, sacrifice, tragedy, everything. But there’s something special about westerns, something raw, something almost post-apocalyptic about them, without the need for an actual apocalypse. And there’s something almost impossibly poignant about the small, personal stories that are so important to the western’s larger-than-life characters, and often to them alone.


So don’t worry about whether you know enough about the Old West. Trust us, you do. On top of that, we watched way too many westerns and spent way too many hours doing actual research so you don’t have to. We boiled everything that really matters about Westerns (at least as far as this game’s concerned) down into a few pages of ideas and random tables to help you throw a western game together in no time flat.


Come on, partner, the Furious West is waiting for you, here in Six-Gun Fury!


Buy Six-Gun Fury Here!

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