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Evil Beagle's original Managing Director, Ross Watson, is back with us as a creator, writer, and designer. When he's not deeply buried with Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory (as the lead writer, designer, and line manager), he's keen to produce fun RPG materials for all kinds of settings and systems. The Beagles are proud to have him choose this as his home for such efforts!

Feast of Tigers (D&D 5e)

Dark forces wish to desecrate an important religious ceremony taking place at a royal gathering. Can the heroes discover the assassins before it is too late?


A Feast of Tigers is a short adventure (for characters of 9th-15th level) involving intrigue and politics as much as combat and magic. It is set amongst a backdrop of bloody ambition and assassination during the investiture of a senior priest into the church of the Lawmaker in the troubled region of Westmarch. As the plots and schemes turn to open murder, the player characters find themselves in the midst of a powder keg primed to explode; a situation to which someone is very deliberately trying to light the fuse!


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