A World With Paranormals...

It is the year 2020. This Earth, this universe, is a very different place than the one we call home. The presence of paranormal events and entities has changed the face of this universe, making it more interesting and fantastic, but also more dangerous and frightening.


Magic exists. Science has advanced to levels only dreamed of in science-fiction. Other worlds and other dimensions are known of. Man has had contact with extraterrestrials. The Celestial Hosts and Infernal Legions do battle in the skies and in the cities of Earth. All of these things have created a world where the average person is accustomed to reading about strange creatures, dimensional wars, Martian terraforming and colonization, and a state dinner to which a non Terran ambassador or an angel is a guest of honor. 


The history of this world has necessarily proceeded differently from that of others. Israel is an island nation-state in the Mediterranean Sea, recently recognized by the Nile Empire. The Kingdom of Eire maintains strong ties with the faerie realm of Avalon. Within the borders of Canada and the United States, the United Tribal Nations stand as a recognized political entity, protected by the ancient spirits of their people. Amid all this, the United Nations is a pervasive and powerful force in the world, although its authority is challenged with great regularity. The UN has created an international military force, UNISO (United Nations International Special Operations), which has spawned numerous paranormal superteams. In the United States (arguably the most “paranormal” of all nations), the Federal AGEnt Task Force (ATF) stands as the premiere national law enforcement force to deal with paranormal criminals. 


Paranormals—these beings, more than any others, have altered the face of this world for all time. They have been present in one form or another since the Dawn of Time. In their current incarnations, many present themselves in costumes and visibly pursue their goals. Some will use their powers for personal gain, some for even darker purposes. Others will take it upon themselves to defend society and its denizens. 


This Earth stands as a testament to one idea—a world with paranormals becomes a paranormal world…

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