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A thorough researcher, a creative talent, and a prolific writer; Michael Surbrook is all of these things. Evil Beagle Games is pleased to present a series of products by Michael, covering medieval tournaments, beastiaries of fantastical creatures, and much more. We expect great things from Michael, so keep checking back here to see the latest product in this line!

Atomic Monsters (Savage Worlds or Hero System)

"Oh no! There goes Tokyo!"

Michael Surbrook, Evil Beagle's resident scholar and master-of-cleverness, turns his gaze to another region of popular culture as he explores the genre launched by 1954's Them! Irradiated monstrocities are a whole new kind of challenge for your heroes, coming from an old-yet-still-compelling source.

Atomic Monsters is a concise, easy-to-consume, immediately useful treatise on how to create and use freakish monsters from atomic nightmares in your campaign. Sections include - 

  • It Came from Beneath the Sea: Where do these things come from?
  • Them! What are these things, what do they want, and what do they eat?
  • Crush, Crumble, and Stomp: The weapons of the beast!
  • And much more!

Michael finishes up by giving you three sample creatures to launch at your heroes and ruin their world - Atomic Wasps, a Giant Sea Scorpion, and Radioactive Sentient Slime Mold (from Space)!

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Empty Rooms & Vacant Windows (Savage Worlds or Hero System)

Haunted: inhabited by or as if by apparitions; "a haunted house"

Michael Surbrook, Evil Beagle's resident scholar and master-of-cleverness, delves once again into the creepy and unnerving as he helps fellow Game Masters explore all the ways in which a truly haunted domicile can become the center of a great tale at the game table.

Empty Rooms & Vacant Windows is a concise, easy-to-consume, immediately useful treatise on how to use haunted locations in your campaign. Sections include - 

  • What is a haunted house, and where do you find them?
  • What are the key elements of a compellingly creepy haunted house?
  • Who do you find inhabiting such places?
  • And much more!

Michael finishes up by giving you a haunted house in Savage Worlds or Hero System stats. You have to see it to believe it!

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Unpleasant Discoveries

Strange and Unsettling Things for a Horror-Fantasy Game

A long-time fan of settings like Ravenloft, Evil Beagle's resident scholar and master-of-cleverness, Michael Surbrook, brings another useful toolkit to bear for Game Masters who want to elevate their games. In this case, Unpleasant Discoveries is an extraordinary treaties on how to run compelling horror-fantasy, including - 

  • Locations for Lairs and implementing Regional Effects
  • Rules for Running Gothic Horror
  • An eleborate table for generating various Encounters and Unpleasant Discoveries

That last part is the true meat of the product, as it can enhance any horror-infused fantasy game with a couple of simple rolls, making it an invaluable tool for any GM hoping for some quick-and-easy help in elevating their scenario.

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Filthy Lucre

Money Matters

Is the money on that character sheet just a recorded number, or is it an important part of the narrative experience for you and the other players at the table. Michael Surbrookonce again brings his extraordinary gifts of knowledge, historical research, and a love of useful detail to a subject that affects every fantasy game you might play in.

Learn all you might care to about coins and other forms of currency; the various exotic and intersting names you can bring into play, instead of just saying "copper piece;" the forms used throughout Europe over the ages; appropriate prices and exchanges made for armor, weapons, horses, and everything else; and how you can incorporate moneylending, counterfeiting, and other key ideas into your fantasy campaigning.

Edited by Carol Darnell and featuring graphic design and layout by Bill "teh ebil bunneh" KeyesFilthy Lucre is yet another indespensible resource for anyone wishing to add verisimilitude and serious texture to their gaming table.

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Here Be Dragons (D&D 5E or Hero System)

You've fought basilisks, dragons, manticores, and wyverns... but have you really?

History buff and accomplished game designer Michael Surbrook welcomes you to rediscover all the incredible monsters, beasts, and strange beings of the Medieval Age in a way you've never encountered them before. With deep research and completely re-engineered 5e or Hero System mechanics that eschew "standard gaming" for "what were they believed to be like," you and your mighty band of heroes might just find out that Old World imagined lion is far more frightening than that last standard hippogriff you tackled.

Then again, the Medieval hippogriff is far nastier, still!

From a short history of medieval beasts and monsters (and a look at the georgraphical world through European Middle Age eyes) to a thorough presentation of both magical monsters and mundane creatures, Here There Be Dragons is a monster manual for the history fan in all of us. It's also a powerful tool for any Dungeon Master looking to make the Old World all-new for players who think they know everything about the monsters they fight.

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The Void

Beyond the anti-spinward edges of Earth’s territory in the galaxy lies the Void. A roughly spherical section of space approximately one hundred parsecs in diameter, the Void is a place spacers avoid—and with good reason—there are no stars to be found there. The Void is so full of dust, gas, and debris that it effectively blocks any starlight from passing through, making it a dark circle in the night sky of many worlds. Within the Void are dozens of shattered solar systems, each made up of burned and blasted planets slowly orbiting the remains of now-dead stars. These brown dwarfs are compacted and frozen cinders—all that’s left of once life-giving suns—with most of their mass having been ejected into space as some unknown event consumed them.

The Void is a mini-setting for science-fiction gaming, meant to be easily dropped into any RPG setting dealing with space travel and the dangers thereof. It's system-agnostic, and while there's a great deal of excellent, well-researched material here, plenty is left readily open to the Game Master's imagination and capacity for customization.

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The Grand Melee (D&D 5E, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, or Hero System)

Flashing swords, shining armor, and shattering lances…

…are all part of the greatest sporting event of the Middle Ages: the Tournament.

With The Grand Melee, you have all the information you need to include a medieval tournament in your 5e, Pathfinder, Savage Worldsor Hero System campaigns. This 24-page supplement details how to set a tournament up; how one should be run; and what rewards to give the victors. Also included are optional rules for conducting jousts. So download a copy today and prepare your self for the pomp and pageantry of a medieval tournament!

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