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What is Freedom Squadron?

I know a lot of new folks are coming by these days, so let me give you this basic overview:

Freedom Squadron is the Savage Worlds setting, developed by Evil Beagle Games, for roleplaying in the world of VENOM Assault (the cooperative board game from Spyglass Games).

Essentially, it's a modernized "love-letter" to those old 80s and early 90s action-adventure cartoons (and comic books, action figures, etc.). There's a lot less "red-and-blue lasers" and much more action-cinema special operations adventuring.

Freedom Squadron features some extraordinary developments for Savage Worlds fans, including:

* Vocation Frameworks to make your concept stand out.

* Specialization Tables to add random-yet-awesome extra special abilities.

* The Plans & Operations Rules, which allow for global problem solving, special operations, and player-driven narrative influence.

* One of the most elaborate Timelines and backgrounds for a game like this you've ever seen.

We are planning a number of books for this line, including material for the players to enhance their experience (the Commando's Manual, the Advanced Technology Manual, the Occult Operations Manual) and books to give the GM lots of amazing tools to run extended campaigns (the Plans & Operations Manual, the Friends/Foes Manual). Everything you need to experience this fantastic, action-driven setting that calls back to the best parts of our younger days.

Watch this space for more!

Sean Patrick Fannon
Lead Writer/Designer


Plans & Operations Tutorial Videos

These are two videos we shot to teach you all about how this most innovative aspect of the Freedom Squadron setting works. You'll quickly discover the Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual is something you'll want for any Savage Worlds game you're running!

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