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To the left and below, you can click on the specific product pages to learn lots more about what Evil Beagle Games is producing and selling for your gaming pleasure. All of our products are available exclusively on DriveThruRPG, which is that shifty little widget off to the left as well.

Savage Rifts

A classic game setting combining magic, technology, psionics and more, Rifts comes to the Savage Worlds ruleset! Check out the line of products for Savage Rifts from an amazing team-up of Evil Beagle Games, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and Palladium Books!

Michael Surbrook Presents

From the mind of Michael Surbrook, we're proud to present a series of products touching on various well-researched, creative, and unusual subjects for tabletop RPGs.

Other Cool Stuff!

Evil Beagle Games has many products for Savage Worlds, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and more! Check out our collection of gaming goodness!

RPG Stock Art

Did you know Evil Beagle Games has a treasure trove of stock art perfect for your next RPG project? Check out the work of talented artists like Susan Knowles! These art pieces are a good fit for several different gaming genres.

Modern Gods

Sean Patrick Fannon's ultimate superhero setting! One of the many settings in development for Prowlers & Paragons: Ultimate Edition. Click to begin your exploration of the world of Modern Gods.

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