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Evil Beagle Games, LLC - On the Loose and Howling!

With the release of Michael Surbrook's Here Be Dragons for Hero System and Bill Keye's first Cities of Wonder product, Clay Town, we're proud to announce Evil Beagle Games, LLC in its full measure. 

Originally founded by Sean Patrick Fannon (The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible, Shaintar, Savage Rifts), with the help of Carinn Seabolt and Ross Watson, Evil Beagle Games trotted along for a couple of years doing some great development and publishing work for Savage Worlds, D&D (5e), Pathfinder, and Hero System. Now Sean's partnered with three extraordinary people to take the Beagle to the next level: 

Len PimentelVice-President & Business Manager. Len brings all the amazing stuff he's done with LakeSide Games (Prowlers & Paragons, Magnum Fury, TNT) and helping turn EBG into a much more successful operation. 

Michael SurbrookChief Operations Officer. Michael's natural gifts at project management and scheduling combine with his exceptional creative talents and prolific writing pace to expand our operation manifold.

Bill KeyesDirector of Production & Art Director. He's the infamous "teh ebil bunneh," and he's also got a real gift for not only writing and designing great stuff, but also making sure the final product rocks.

Sean Patrick Fannon continues as President and Chief Visionary Officer, and he's thrilled and relieved to have three amazing friends and talents to help him bring Evil Beagle Games to a whole new level of productivity and success.

What's in the pipeline? Glad you asked!

• We're continuing the successful Michael Surbrook Presents line with the latest release, Here Be Dragons for Hero System, and frankly we're just trying to catch up to all the other stuff Michael's doing and has ready to go.

• We've just launched Cities of Wonder, created by Bill Keyes, and he's already got at least three other releases coming through. Other writers are also scheduled to start contributing to that line.

• The LakeSide Games material will also continue to flow as Len works on the latest ideas he has to expand the Magnum Fury line. He and Sean are furiously at work on Prowlers & Paragons: Ultimate Edition, as well as the Modern Gods setting book. Other products are also in development for that line.

• Of course, Sean is also cranking away on an entire line of Freedom Squadron books and products, with the Kickstarter for that highly-anticipated line scheduled for 10 March 2018.

Honestly, that's just scratching the surface. Stay tuned as we head into 2018 and beyond with a whole lot more great gaming and fun stuff for everyone!


Onikara "Nick" Silverwolf, Code Name WALKER, of Freedom Squadron

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