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Wow, we've not changed this site since the end of last year, when Ross Watson did a great end-of-year post. Sadly, Ross isn't with us any longer (he's moved on to another huge project, and we couldn't be more proud for him!), but even though this page hasn't changed, a lot of things have been going on. 

Evil Beagle is expanding, you see, with Leonard Pimentel coming on board as Vice President & Business Manager (and bringing his Lakeside Games projects into the fold as well).

Michael Surbrook is expanding his role, becoming our Chief Operations Officer even as we vastly expand his Michael Surbrook Presents line.

Bill "Teh Ebil Bunneh" Keyes (best known for his fantastic steampunk setting, The Widening Gyre) joins the team as our Director of Production.

We still have the inestimable Carinn Seabolt as our Editor-in-Chief and Dawn Fitch joins us as a Project Coordinator.

With this team, you're going to see a huge increase in output. Len and I are working furiously on Prowlers & Paragons: Ultimate Edition (as well as the setting books for it, Modern Gods and Unending War). As well, Bill Keyes' Iron Age will become a part of that series of setting books for the overall OmniVerse Project we're launching. There's going to be a chance for all of you to start playing together online soon, so stay tuned!

I am also working with an amazing team of folks on the impending Freedom Squadron project - a Savage Worlds-driven love letter to "G.I. Joe" that's based on Spyglass Games' VENOM Assault board game. We've started a special Facebook page for the impending Kickstarter, which includes the date for the launch - March 10th, 2018! There's going to be some amazing media stuff put together for this, making it a serious event and experience!

Both of these projects can be followed by would-be early adopters via my Patreon.

There's so much more coming, but I wanted to let you fine folks know this much right now. Evil Beagle Games is just getting started, friends. We're headed into the stratosphere soon!

Evil Beagle Games (Remaining) 2017 Convention Schedule

Myths & Legends Con, Denver, CO [August 4-6, 2017]

Sean is on numerous panels and is running a session of Freedom Squadron

Gen Con, Indianappolis, IN [August 17-20, 2017]

Sean will be at the ENnie Awards, where Savage Rifts is up for a few big ones.

Tacticon, Denver, CO [Sept 28-Oct 1]

As one of the Guests of Honor, Sean is running a lot of games and is on a couple of panels.

MileHiCon, Denver, CO [Oct 27-29]

Panels and games are Sean's life at this one, too.

Onikara "Nick" Silverwolf, Code Name WALKER, of Freedom Squadron

Now Available!

The Fantastic Deck-Building Card Game, designed by Lee Ballew (with help from Sean Patrick Fannon), and featuring art by Lee and Susan "Sooz" Knowles (of the web comics Reliquary and Patchwork & Lace) is now available on DriveThruCards! 

We've made the Print-and-Play version PWYW (Pay What You Want), while the Printed Cards version has been reduced by $5.00. 

There's never been a better time to discover the awesomeness that has been described as the perfect combination of deck-building and Magic: the Gathering.

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