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You need to be checking out the official Shaintar site, where a ton of stuff is being shared daily. This includes all the campaign reports for the Justice and Life ultimate shared campaign, as well as highly active Forums with a ton additional content for Shaintar.

As well, all of the Big Irish Vlogs go right up on the front page whenever they're done!

Shaintar Adventure Deck Cards! Shaintar Adventure Deck Cards!

Shaintar Adventure Cards are now available! You can use them to enhance your existing Adventure Deck; the product description even has a list of cards we think work best from the original offerings and promo cards to build a solid Shaintar-specific deck.

Of course, Shaintar: Legends Arise and Shaintar: Legends Unleashed are also availalable in both digital and print iterations.

Now Available!

The Fantastic Deck-Building Card Game, designed by Lee Ballew (with help from Sean Patrick Fannon), and featuring art by Lee and Susan "Sooz" Knowles (of the web comics Reliquary and Patchwork & Lace) is now available on DriveThruCards! 

We've made the Print-and-Play version PWYW (Pay What You Want), while the Printed Cards version has been reduced by $5.00. 

There's never been a better time to discover the awesomeness that has been described as the perfect combination of deck-building and Magic: the Gathering.

You've found the Evil Beagle. Now what?

Ready to dive into the Epic High Fantasy that is Shaintar? The adventure begins!

How about battling to the death at the center of the Universe for Ultimate All-Time Cosmic Power in Colossal Clash?

Want to know more about the world's first attempt at a MMTRPG (Massively Multiplayer Tabletop RPG)? Take a gander at the OmniCosm.

Check out the plan for a supers setting that features spandex wearers mixing it up with angels, demons, extraterrestrials, and more in Modern Gods.

The Beagle's off and running. Good luck catching it...

The Big Irish Vlog

Check out my YouTube Channel for the latest Video Blog! 

The Big Irish Vlog

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