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Greetings to all and welcome to our new website! Evil Beagle Games has had a busy first half of 2016, with lots more great stuff coming soon. We have a ton of awesome products lined up and our engine is running strong.

First, the big announcement is that Evil Beagle Games has partnered with Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Palladium Books to help bring you Savage Rifts! The amazing Rifts setting now featuring the Savage Worlds ruleset had a fantastic kickstarter that just wrapped up. For Savage Rifts, we have the Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide, the Game Master’s Handbook, Savage Foes of North America, a GM Screen, and an introductory adventure (Garnet Town Gambit). The kickstarter also opened up some additional adventures and an expanded player’s guide as part of the stretch goals!

In other news, Evil Beagle Games is pleased to say we’re working with Michael Surbrook, a veteran game designer and writer, to bring some of his unique visions to the RPG market. The Grand Melee is the first of these projects, already out for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. We’re working on bringing you the Grand Melee for D&D 5e, Savage Worlds, and Champions Complete! Michael’s got a lot of great material for us, so stay tuned for more Michael Surbrook Presents.

Also, we teamed up with the Sasquatch Game Studio and translated the award-winning fantasy setting Primeval Thule to the Savage Worlds Ruleset. This setting is an intriguing mash-up of Conan and Cthulhu, where barbarian warriors clash with decadent civilization in the shadow of darker threats. Be sure to check Primeval Thule and adventure in the doomed age, a time of great deeds and primordial terror!

We've also got more new stuff for Savage Worlds, including a line of utility products called Savagely Useful! The first of these, a random magical item generator, is available on DrivethruRPG right now.

Evil Beagle Games 2016 Convention Schedule

Here’s where you can find the Evil Beagle Crew this year!

Chupacabracon: This convention in Round Rock, Texas, just wrapped up. Sean, Carinn, and Ross had a fabulous time connecting with the Lone Star Savages and running games at the convention! Sean’s game of Savage Rifts was recorded and you can watch it here:

Ropecon, Helsinki, Finland           July 29-31

Ross will be attending this event in Finland! There are tons of great gamers in Finland and Ross will be running games of Savage Rifts, plus hosting several panels.

Myths and Legends Con, Denver, Colorado         August 12-14

Sean, Ross and Carinn will be there running games and having a grand time on the north side of Denver.

Tacticon, Colorado Springs, Colorado     September 1-4

Sean, Ross, and Carinn will be there running games and supporting one of Colorado's best conventions!

Grand Con, Grand Rapids, Michigan        September 16-18

Sean is a Featured Guest, alongside Kevin Siembieda, celebrating the Savage Rifts project in the home state of Rifts!

Spa-Con 1, Hot Springs, Arkansas              September 23-25

Ross will be attending this first annual event in the heart of the Ozarks!

RinCon, Tuscson, Arizona             September 30-October 2

Joining Shane Hensley and other Arizona gaming notables, Sean and Ross bring their games and their expertise to this wonderful gaming con.

I am extremely pleased and excited to announce that Ross Watson (AccursedWarhammer 40K RoleplayStar Wars: Edge of the Empire, etc.) is now a partner in and the Managing Director of Evil Beagle Games. He’s been a dear friend and colleague for a decade and a half, and now he’s in charge of getting my ducks in a row and making us a real and productive publishing house.

Carinn Seabolt (already a Founder) steps up as our Editor-in-Chief, making sure all said ducks are correct and on target. As well, she’s making sure we stay on the right side of inclusivity and history as a company dedicated to quality and fun for everyone.

I am, of course, a Founder and now the newly-named CVO (Chief Visionary Officer). This is a perfect title for me, since the dream and vision of Evil Beagle Games is my dream and vision, and keeps me in a high-level role to help steer the company. At the same time, it takes me out of the day-to-day management stuff that – let’s be real, here – I am utterly terrible doing.

Ross has been at the head of some of the most important projects in gaming, and he’s also consulted with companies across the entertainment spectrum. He knows his stuff, loves Shaintar, and has some exceptionally cool ideas to add to the mix. We’ve already gotten off to a great start, and the long-awaited Kickstarter materials are now in full-development mode toward release (we’ve got some great announcement coming about those soon). We’re already able to see a future where other great talents in the industry can look at the Beagle as a house for their ideas.

Thanks to everyone for your continued belief in and support of Evil Beagle Games. The next few days, weeks, and months are going to be a very exciting time for us all.

Sean Patrick Fannon

Now Available!

The Fantastic Deck-Building Card Game, designed by Lee Ballew (with help from Sean Patrick Fannon), and featuring art by Lee and Susan "Sooz" Knowles (of the web comics Reliquary and Patchwork & Lace) is now available on DriveThruCards! 

We've made the Print-and-Play version PWYW (Pay What You Want), while the Printed Cards version has been reduced by $5.00. 

There's never been a better time to discover the awesomeness that has been described as the perfect combination of deck-building and Magic: the Gathering.

Where to Buy Our Stuff:

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We are pleased to present Savagely Useful: A Random Magical Item Generator for Savage Worlds.


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