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Freedom Squadron Promotional Video!

Check out this amazing video for our Freedom Squadron project. It features the technical video wizardry of the always-amazing Cheyenne Wright and the jaw-dropping art of Phil Cho! Check out more amazing video presentations on our official YouTube Channel: WNN - Freedom Squadron RPG

You can still get in on the special pledge levels for the Kickstarter, but only if you act now!

The Latest from Evil Beagle Games

Hey everyone! We've got even more new stuff happening around these parts, with new products out and even more coming!

  • Bill Keyes' Cities of Wonder line just added The Imperial City! There is literally a dozen other products in the pipeline and on the way.
  • Michael Surbrook Presents has Atomic Monsters (everything you'd want to know and incorporate about the crazy beasts and terrors that came from the real fears of the 50s and 60s) and Empty Rooms & Vacant Windows (everything you'd want to know and incorporate about haunted houses and other creepy locations for gaming)! Be sure to look for both Savage Worlds and Hero System versions!
  • Sean Patrick Fannon's Savagely Useful line has a great new addition, A Hero Will Rise. Anyone playing a fantasy character in Savage Worlds will love this set of tables useful for generating a cool background that grants special abilties and helps you work out a couple of your Hindrances with narrative hooks.
  • We've just linked up all of Len Pimentel's LakeSide Games products under the Evil Beagle banner, and he's furiously at work on more Magnum Fury and Prowlers & Paragons material!
  • Sean is also deeply enmeshed into Freedom Squadron, including getting ready to launch the organized play/fan club organization called Global Operations Force!

Much more is on the way, so stay tuned!

Freedom Squadron Big Epic Game!

One of a huge library of great images (courtesy Public Information Ninja Big Show (AKA Juliet Meyer) from the Psi-War Big Epic Finale for Freedom Squadron at Genghis Con 2018! We had nearly fifty players involved in this extraordinary event, and it all leads up to the Freedom Squadron Kickstarter on 10 MAR 2018!

The Freedoms Squadron Kickstarter Banner (KS goes live 10 March 2018) SPF with the FS KS banner at Total Escape Games in Broomfield, CO

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